As you can see from the table below, the price of a professional dental treatment does not have to be out of sight.

Service Price
Light-cured resin composit resoration incisors (filling) (3-3) 56 EUR
Light-cured resin composit resoration premolars (filling) (4-5) 59 EUR
Light-cured resin composit resoration molars (filling) (6-8) 63 EUR
Belle-glass inlay 139 EUR
Gold inlay 139 EUR + gold price
Sealing of fissures 30 EUR
Root canal treatment+access,extirpation 35 EUR
Root canal treatment+obturation 1 canal 59 EUR
Root canal treatment+obturation 2 canal 70 EUR
Root canal treatment+obturation 3 canal 80 EUR
Opalescence bleaching / arch 86 EUR
LED light bleaching system – Brite Smile 220 EUR
Porcelain veneer 221 EUR
Metalceramic crown with porcelain coverage/pontic 156 EUR
Extra porcelain crown/chamfer preparation,nickel free metal 166 EUR
Zirkonia crown from 259 EUR
Crown with acrylic coverage and pontic 70 EUR
Partial denture /jaw (1-5 teeth) 345 EUR
Partial denture /jaw (6-10 teeth) 415 EUR
Partial denture /jaw (11-14 teeth) 483 EUR
Scaling,oral hygiene treatment 53 EUR
Tratment planning + impression for study models 40 EUR
Fixed appliance for single jaw 760 EUR
Fixed appliance for both jaws 1240 EUR
Extraction 42 EUR
Extraction with surgical method 63 EUR
Extraction of wisdom tooth 104 EUR
Implant (Pitt-Easy) 630 EUR
Implant (Dentis) 630 EUR
DPT (dental panoramic tomograph) 20 EUR

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