Real professional dental surgeries put a great emphasis on the standard of dental techniques as well. Therefore, our dental surgery works together with partners who are able to keep up with the latest technological and methodological developments and work at a very high standard.

The HÜBI-LABI Laboratory for Dental Technicians was founded in 1995, and its activity can still be characterised by permanent technological and quality development. Ten years ago, the laboratory started with 2 people, now they work with 7 dental technicians.

Their scope covers the whole field of dental technology, for example their work include: porcelain-metal and gold-porcelain fillings for crowns and fixed bridges, removable prosthesis, combined hidden anchoring, gold inlay, porcelain inlay, Belle Glass inlay, metal-free porcelain, Belle Glass crowns, and metal-free bridges with shorter span, implantation, bleaching and occlusal splints.

Attila Hüber, who is a dental technician master, is the leader and the owner of the laboratory. He graduated in 1987 as a dental technician. He began to work for the Central Institute for Stomatology, where after 6 years he became the leader of the laboratory, which worked with 52 people that time. During the 8 years at the laboratory he took part in several trainings (Germany, Austria, Italy).

After the privatization of the laboratory, he received an offer to launch and lead a newly founded dental technological laboratory with German interests. He worked here as a laboratory leader for two years, and then he created his own enterprise in 1995. He qualified his master examination in 2004, and since then he is directing his own enterprise.

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