Painless tooth extraction

The main aim of the dentists working in our surgery is to preserve the teeth but in the case of certain patients the extraction of a tooth is the only possible way of treatment.


In case of abnormal growth of teeth or dental arches we apply removable or fix braces.

Aesthetic dentistry

Nowadays, beauty is more and more coming into the limelight, also in the case of teeth. Following this tendency, the dental materials took a great leap forward as well, both in the colour scale of filling materials, both in their durability and tooth friendly components. Besides, with the appearance of ceramic veneers and inlays, new possibilities emerged in the resolutions of restoring the original state of the teeth and their chewing function. In our dental offices the primary goal is to realize the aesthetic and correct dental supply.


Our dental specialist does different odontological interventions painlessly, in ambulatory clinics. With modern appliances and professional help, he extracts wisdom teeth, tooth roots and apexes, does minor operations, and treats the lesion of the gums in a quick and competent way.

Dentistry with anaesthesia

In our central dental surgery we can also offer dental services with anaesthesia.

Tooth filling

If it comes to filling your tooth, you can choose among amalgam fillings and more aesthetic filling materials as well.

Bleaching (Tooth whitening)

In our surgery we apply 3 bleaching methods, with which we can probably satisfy your special demands as well.

Prosthetic dentistry

We can choose from more possibilities if prosthesis for certain teeth is needed.

Filling without drilling

Carisolv is a system which is very popular among our patients because of being painless and silent.

Gold in dentistry

Why is it worth applying precious metals like gold during the treatment?

Tartar removal

After meals the leftover of the meal dissolves in saliva and it settles on the surface of the tooth. This is called plaque.


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