When being elder this problem is the consequence of a natural physiological process but unfortunately it also occurs in younger ages as well (among others due to diabetes, chronic gum inflammation or other factors making the patient susceptible); and it is not a rare phenomenon.

Therefore it is extremely important that if you have a gum inflammation (gingivitis), do not wait till the inflammation becomes chronic but go to see the dentist immediately when you recognise the first symptoms!

The frequent and accurate tooth-cleaning has an important role in the prevention and the treatment of gingivitis: in the morning, in the evening and after meals you should thoroughly clean your teeth with a vertical movement, clean the outer and inner surfaces of the teeth from the gums to the chewing surface of the teeth and the chewing surfaces as well.

A regular tooth-cleaning lasts at least for 5 minutes. The accurate removal of plaques is very important, and we also suggest you to have your tartars removed in every six month by a dentist.

The deterioration of the bone is controllable because in less severe cases the dentist can measure between the gums and the teeth with a probe how serious the bone loss is. This is called periodontal probing. Periodontal pockets can occur between the tooth and the gums because there is no proper bony basis so the bacteria, which came there with plaques and saliva, can cause inflammation and therefore they can more easily dissolve the bone.

The result of this process is the loosening of the teeth and then the loss of them. The pockets must be regularly cleaned out by a dentist, so it is important that the dentures should be done and controlled by a dentist and not an acquaintance or a dental technician in your neighbourhood.


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