You surely agree that it is more comfortable to sit in a dentist’s chair who is not unfamiliar to you. Below we will introduce the professional and personal side of our dentists and assistants to you, so you could consider them as your acquaintances when you come to our surgery for a dental therapy.

Dr Lajos Kalmár
graduated from SOTE in the Faculty of Dentistry in 1978, since then he has gained a wide range of practice in a private surgery. From 2001 he is working for the National Public Health and Medical Officer Service as a medical officer, and from 2006 he is the senior consultant of Villányi Dent. Beside his outstanding career in general dentistry and implantology, he has a harmonious family life with two daughters.

Dr. Ákos Gulics is a specialist of dental and oral affections, an odontologist and a paradontologist. He graduated from the Semmelweis University for Medical Scineces in 1976, with summa cum laude. He owns the experience and calmness of the elder generation and a wide range of general and professional intelligence. He is a real good-tempered gentleman.

Dr. Gabriella Nagy is a general dentist and an orthodontist. She graduated from SOTE in 1996, with summa cum laude. She qualified her special examinations in 1998 and 2002, and since then she is simultaneously working for several private clinics as a specialist in orthodontics. She has one little child. She always creates a positive atmosphere around her, and of course she also has a great love for her profession.

Mrs. Laub Anikó Paulovics,
Head nurse. Clinical dental assistant and hygienist. She graduated in 2004 in Budapest, and ever since she has been a member of Villányi Dent’s team. She is doing her job with excellent care and her good organizing skills are indispensable to us. She is enjoying her dental hygienic profession, but due to her extra work as a system organizer, she is only able to receive a limited number of patients. We can say whoever gets appointment with her are very fortunate.

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