Carisolv includes a gel which is suitable for softening the dentin demineralized by caries, and the hand-operated appliances with which the softened material is cleaned away.

Applying this system is advisable if an indulgent, safe and possibly painless caries extraction is needed, such as in case of root caries and when treating children or anxious adults.

The painlessness of the treatment is reassured by the isotonic gel which has a high PH-value (so we neither expose the dentin to the effect of acid, nor does it draw up the dentin liquid). We only remove the dentin with caries in an indulgent way, and the drilling, which comes together with noise, cold-warm effect and considerable mental loading, is cancelled this time.

The Carisolv gel is a material containing sodium-hypochloride, which should be mixed with amino-acids before use, and then put into the cavity. The arising active chlorine softens the demineralized dentin selectively while it does not hurt the healthy dentin. The time of the effect is 30 seconds, which can be repeated if necessary after having removed the softened layer (see photos 2-4).


With this effect we mainly avoid using steel drills with slow rotation which is the main source of problems caused by tooth drilling both in the case of adults and children.

The removal of the materials softened by the gel happens with a hand-operated appliance but that does not cause any real unpleasantness, even without local anaesthetics.

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