More and more patients are hedged artificial tooth roots (implantations). In order to keep the crowns and the bridges often valuable tooth materials must be sacrificed by abreding them. An additional phenomenon is that the jaw-bones are shrinking where there are no tooth roots.

These non-desirable complementary symptoms detain the placing of the implantations which make dental prosthesis possible by evening the loss of the tooth on the surface of the root as well.

Implantations create stable pillars both in the denture of individual teeth or at a greater extent of loss because onto these pillars crowns and bridges can safely and steadily be placed. With implantation we can also help people who have lost all their teeth.

Placing the approriate number of implantation pillars, the stable fixation of prosthesises becomes possible. The results are surprisingly good. The proportion of the loss happening during the infiltration phase is under 2%. So we can say that with scientifically recongised systems results above 95% can be reached.


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