During the first consultation we are making a complete survey of dental condition. In order to make the establishment of the exact diagnosis easier, we use oral cameras and Panoramic X-ray.

We suggest you to ask for a dental appointment so we can reassure you that we are going to be exact and thus you will not have to wait. Our receptionist will be waiting for you. From your arrival on, we serve you according to your needs, offer you some refreshments and answer your questions.

During the examination we identify and possibly immediately cure acute problems. In case of a complex intervention our doctor consults with you about the possible treatment variations to be chosen, taking the costs, the length of the cure and the recovery into account. We supply you with all the information about the materials and treatments used in our surgery.

At the beginning of each intervention which will result in more treatments, we prepare a written calculation for you, which will make the complementary and the final cost of the work unambiguous. This way it will be possible to tally the costs with the household budget.

About the longer treatments and about those in which our doctor has a risk in decision-making (optional treatment or a treatment without 100% sure result) a group of doctors make a consultation. The aim of the “team work” is to be able to work with the least chance of committing a mistake while keeping our inner quality system.

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