In this case we tend to clean our teeth more carefully and we avoid hard meals. In most of the time bleeding is caused by gingivitis. It can be possible that the gums are injured or more likely to bleed but it can also happen that e.g. the bleeding is the first symptom of diabetes. It is advisable to visit a dentist who has a practice in oral diseases and who can diagnose the source of the problem.

The bleeding of the gums is often a separate disease but it can also be caused by the lack of vitamines or by an injury -if the palatine papilla is hurt with a toothpick- or by tartar or plaque. Due to the inflammation the part of the jaw-bone which holds the teeth (i.e. the alveolus) is dissolved, and if the treatment does not begin in time, this can lead to the loosening or loss of the teeth. That is why the treatment of inflammations is so important. The dentist first removes the tartars above and under the gums.

If the dentist does not prescribe another treatment, it is important to clean your teeth with a strong toothbrush but the gums, and the parts between the tooth and the gums should also be cleaned because the plaque can cause further inflammations. You do not have to worry when during tooth-cleaning a stronger bleeding occurs. This will cease but if not, the doctor can cure the inflammation with painting, a cream or medication. The dental care can also be supplemented with an oral hydrotherapy but it does matter how we use it, we shall ask the dentist for advice in connenction with its use.


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