I. At-home bleaching: Opalescence
First we make an impression about the teeth, and then based on this impression our technician prepares a special tooth splint. The whitening gel comes into this thin splint, which suits very accurately to the teeth. During the bleaching the oxygen, which arises when the carbamide-peroxide dissolves, pierces to the enamel and the dentin and bleaches the discoloured areas.

The material does not cause a change in the structure of the tooth, only the colour of the tooth will become brighter. The security of bleaching under the control of dentists is proved by our clinical experiences of many years.

In most cases the discolouring can already be recognised after one night. To reach the optimal result usually a usage for 7-10 days is necessary in average but after the previous examinations we will inform you about the kind of result which can be expected in your case.

II. At-home bleaching: Trés white by Opalescence
We use a thin plastic splint for one usage, filled previously with 9% of hydrogen-peroxide and supplied with a gum protecting material, so after the training its usage can immediately be begun.

– no imprint
– no laboratory
– no track-making
– simple usage
– 1 hour per day through 10 days
– with melon and menthol flavour

III. In-office bleaching: Zoom2 lamp system
A bleaching method, which hardly lasts for an hour, and during which we put a gel on the surface of the teeth and expose it to a special UV-A lamp with a narrow spectrum for three times 20 minutes.

This activates the bleaching material, and the active oxygen in the material cleans the discolouring on the surface and in the deeper layers of the teeth. After this we cover the teeth with a protective layer.

During the process -depending from the patient- a brightening with 6-11 tones and smooth, shining whiteness can be diagnosed. Many things depend on you. The result can even be final! Good oral hygiene and thorough tooth-cleaning -especially after eating meals and drinking drinks which discolour teeth- can all help in maintaining the established whiter colour of teeth for many years.


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